I got a heartwarming call from our most recent client “Char’s Railway Cafe” in the small town of Smith, Alberta.

We contact our clients once every 30-days to see the results from our advertising, but the owner called us just 20-days into the first month to say that she was “blown away by how many people were coming in”. I smiled like the Cheshire Cat. This restaurant is located in the middle of nowhere and people were flocking from all over to dine here. She said, “My food order delivery guy was shocked to see how much we are ordering”.

Char’s Railway Cafe also has a live music event coming up and we were able to sell 300 tickets with only $41.85 of ad spend ($40 per ticket = $12,000 in ticket sales alone!!) It just goes to show that with the right content, copywriting and targeting you can make a killing from running online ads. Once we convert everyone possible within’ the area, we’ll start targeting people in surrounding cities. You would be shocked at how far people will travel to try an extremely popular restaurant – if you can convince them it’s worth the drive.

Our ads are currently targeted to a 42-mile radius around the restaurant with a population of 36,000 people. So far, with just over $300 of ad spend, we were able to reach 48,084 people (their reach is bigger than the population because of all the shares). The ad itself is powerful because of the high quality photographs we took mixed with our secret weapon which is copywriting… we don’t create “cute” or “funny” short captions that make people roll their eyes or giggle, we write exactly what the customer needs to know about the restaurant or service.

Trying to be cute or funny is often an advertisers biggest downfall. The secrets to selling anything is to create trust, weave a believable story, justify the expense, and help fulfill a burning need in your customer. Successful campaigns are created by addressing all of the above. Writing “cute” or “funny” ads might get a chuckle… but the goal of any business owner is to generate sales and convince the customer to open their wallets. Copywriting is a skill that will bring in the bucks if done properly. I often think of a snippet from Earl Nightingale’s radio show when he said, “The customer is not a moron, it is your wife.”

In short, even if your restaurant or business is based in a rural area, don’t rule out online ads. If anything, they are proving to be even more profitable because of the lack of competition. If you are looking to increase your sales and need help in this department then don’t hesitate to reach out to see how we can help. Oh, our smallest advertising package is only $750 CAD/month. The reason why it’s a fraction of what other agencies charge is because we don’t rent an expensive office… we run our ads from home and pass those savings on to you. We believe in providing amazing service & jaw dropping results without breaking the bank.

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