Frequently Asked Questions

We do offer full social media management as an additional service but our packages primarily focus on creating singular campaigns that bring in more customers.

We’ll invest the most time and energy into platforms that a majority of your customers are on. It depends on the size of your budget and type of industry. Our goal is to simply help you get the highest return on your ad spend. We’re happy to discuss those details during your free consultation.

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of marketing from both small businesses and fortune 500 companies.

The key to selling anything is to create trust, weave a believable story, justify the expense, and help fulfill a burning need in your customer. successful campaigns are created by addressing all of the above. Writing “cute” or “funny” ads might get a chuckle… but the goal of any business owner is to generate sales and convince the customer to open their wallets.

Long form ads that address all of your potential customers questions have proven to be the most beneficial way to make your advertisements profitable. We’ve learned these secrets from some of the top performers in the direct marketing industry. copywriting is a skill that will bring in the bucks when done properly.


When it comes to photography & video production we currently offer these services anywhere across Canada. Our social media advertising services are available in both Canada or the States. If you want our advertising service and are based in the States then we will outsource any photography/video work that’s required for your ad campaign to a local company near you.

For photography we use the sony a7r iii (42 megapixels) which will give you crisp photos that can be blown up to the size of billboards. for video productions, We use top of the line 4k dslr cameras, sliders, gimbals, drones, professional lighting & audio equipment. If you want your videos filmed on cinema cameras like the Alexa or Red we can easily rent them for your project.

You sure can. We offer free storage of video footage for up to 6 months for each project, and you can purchase RAW Files at an additional cost. This cost will also include the hard drive and shipping fees.
Absolutely. We often correspond through email, phone calls, or video calls – but we’re flexible. If you want to meet face-to-face then we’re happy to do so.