Will people judge you for staying open?

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Some restaurants are choosing to close their doors entirely while others still offer take-out and delivery options. We’re frequently receiving messages from clients to update their customers with the “latest news”. One client of ours decided to close and re-open within one week. It’s scary and confusing times for everyone. Restaurant owners are understandably worried about contributing to the spread, their reputation and the potential of a permanent shut-down if they can’t pay the bills. We don’t have all the answers but might be able to provide you with some helpful insights.

Close up or take out?

With many restaurants closing down people don’t know who is currently offering take-out. Ad performance from our local audiences (7km around each restaurant or closer) have dramatically increased. There are many variables but we’re guessing people are not wanting to travel and are seeking more local options. So far, we haven’t received any negative feedback from the ads we are running for our restaurant clients that have remained open.

It’s important to mention that our ad copy states the restaurants extra safety precautions that are in place. We believe if you decide to stay open, it’s best to address the issue rather than ignore it. Your customers will appreciate your efforts and transparency.

Photography by Cyrus Media ©

Closed Doors

Clients that have chosen to temporarily close up shop have also seen a positive response from their customers. A ton of patrons have thanked them for their contribution to combat the situation and look forward to returning in the future. They have also been purchasing gift cards which helps to cover some of the restaurants expenses. We can totally understand why it’s a difficult decision to make and you are not alone in this struggle. In the end, those who can persist through dark times will come out the other end much stronger and better equipped for the next storm.

We hope you all stay safe, informed and inspired!

"The nearsighted person sees only the present; the fantasizer sees only an imaginary future and, more likely than not trips over his mistakes trying to get there. Patience enables you to see the big picture. It helps you to make the most of today while building a better tomorrow." -Jim Rohn

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