Cyrus Media

What's Happening Now?


The Cyrus restaurant media team is working hard with our clients to restore lost revenue and gain new customers after our government swiftly decapitated the industry. Sure, some people might be afraid to dine out, but we’ve seen a massive flow of new customers due to the huge increase of time being spent on social networks and other businesses easing back on their advertising. We primarily focus on advertising great food instead of blasting our audience with messages about covid and the response has been 99% positive. People (including us) are growing tired of the same fear-mongering messages being promoted by the MSM… but as a result, our clients returns are through the roof. Businesses taking advantage of this unique advertising opportunity are experiencing great success.

Luxury Real Estate

Lately we’ve been hitting it hard with our new real estate division. Whether it’s Yacht promotions or property tours, we noticed a severe lack of quality in the luxury video market. During the past few weeks we set a goal for ourselves to produce high end videos that would crush the competition and did just that. We’re constantly developing new skills and bringing our production to the next level.

Interior Video Services - Luxury Real Estate