From Concept to Distribution.

Ensuring your brand reflects nothing but excellence.


The crème de la crème of media production, advertising and copywriting. Our media division consists of several sectors, including production, buying, and research, as well as reporting and analytics. Our team is unique in regard to its transparency and approach. Every single detail is openly shared with clients, including all rates paid, performance metrics, and anything else they may need.


Our clients have the exclusive privilege of receiving the very best content from a dedicated team of professionals. We can help you through all phases of development—from research to post-production to launch. We will help turn your vision into a reality.


We provide strategy and implementation offerings for Direct to Consumer (DTC) and Business-to-Business (B2B) advertisers. Consider us your go-to consultants for increasing visibility, conversions, and reviews in the marketplaces most important to your brand. Copywriting and Customer Relationship Management has become increasingly important for generating ROI so we have the strategic, creative, and analytical tools to help launch, grow, and nurture customers to increase their loyalty and action.

What our clients say

People using our services that are happy to share their experience.
Dr. Neda Amani

Dr. Neda Amani

Amani Health & The Dr. Ned Show

"Andrew and Kevin have been absolutely phenomenal to work with. Their integrity and honesty is a rare find in any industry and their quality of work, genuine care and attention to detail makes Cyrus Media a gem of a company to bring your vision to life. So grateful!"

Ken Baird

Ken Baird

South Branch Bistro

"We have had a large increase in new customers to our bistro in Kemptville since we hired Cyrus. Their photos and videos are top notch and always get so many shares and likes. We are now continually having customers coming in and telling us they are here from the work he is doing."

Jamie Sabourin

Jamie Sabourin

Canadian National Champion & Real Estate Pro

"Andrew and his Team were so professional. Their innovative approach was really refreshing. They absolutely hit it out of the park for our team. We recommend Cyrus if you want to make a difference in your marketing and media presence."