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We utilize proven business tactics & consumer psychology to deliver you results that most companies can only dream of. You’ll find we’re more than a production company – we’re the secret weapon that will bring your business to the next level.

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You’re here to see if we can help you achieve your goals. Photography & Video is one of the most powerful tools you can utilize… when used properly. Even some of the most expensive and “funny” Superbowl ads have been a complete flop financially. Why? That’s because the people planning and executing these campaigns have NO clue on what actually drives consumers to action – it’s just a job to them. For us, it’s our livelihood, reputation and YOUR cold hard cash on the line… we don’t take that lightly.

Commercial Video

Visual Stories that Captivate – Elevate Your Brand with Our Compelling Commercial Videos

Documentary Video

Unveiling Truths, One Frame at a Time – Crafting Powerful Documentary Videos for Lasting Impact

VFX Video Production

Bridging Reality and Imagination – Transforming Visions into Breathtaking VFX Video Experiences

Product Photography

Frames that Sell – Showcasing Your Products in a Captivating Light through Precision Photography

Food Photography

Feast for the Eyes – Savoring Flavors and Aesthetics through Exquisite Food Photography

Portrait Photography

Beyond Portraits, Capturing Souls – Reflecting Personalities in Timeless Portrait Photography

Our Latest Work


Discover our work, where every pixel and frame weave stories of dedication and artistry, inviting you to witness the intersection of vision and craftsmanship.

Meet The Team


Every project is a fusion of talents, a harmonious collaboration that brings ideas to life. Step beyond the finished products and meet the individuals who pour their passion into every frame, every concept, and every brushstroke.

Alexis is the Production Assistant and Scriptwriter. She enjoys being on set helping with hair, makeup, and helping “actors” be at ease before filming. She is also Andrew’s wife : )

Alexis Charlebois

Production Assistant & Scriptwriter

Andrew is the Director & Owner of Cyrus Media. He has a strong faith in Jesus Christ and attributes his business success to Biblical teachings. He started his career by creating profitable social media campaigns for businesses across many industries. This process involved writing compelling ad copy, taking quality photos, and filming commercials. He is always growing his skill-set and simply loves to help others.

Andrew McGuire

Director & Owner

Kevin is our VFX artist & Equipment Manager who is fascinated with science, biology and the latest technology. He is a master when it comes to working with After Effects, Mocha Pro & Filming Equipment. He can replace backgrounds, track objects and do much more “movie magic”. If there’s a question he doesn’t know the answer to – you can be sure he will find out the answer.

Kevin Forget

VFX Artist & Equipment Manager



23 reviews on

Zachary Scholtens
Zachary Scholtens

We used Cyrus media to create a recruitment video and were very happy with the outcome. Andrew and his team were professional, knowledgeable and helpful from start to finish. The turn around time was incredibly quick, and after a few edits the video was exactly what we were looking for, weeks earlier than we thought we could have it ready. Thank you to the team at Cyrus media.

Nicole Charlebois
Nicole Charlebois

What a pleasure it’s been working with Cyrus. Our photoshoot and video production was thoroughly planned out and delivered before the expected date. We’re extremely impressed with the final results and won’t hesitate to contact them for future projects. Thank you!

Charlette Flemming
Charlette Flemming

Excellent Service, Very Professional and Wonderful to Deal With!!!!
Would Definitely Recommend

Augustino Duminuco
Augustino Duminuco

I hired Cyrus to do photoshoots, a video production and to help me with my political campaign. Andrew was always on-time and delivered amazing results. His marketing services were the most transparent I’ve ever seen. I would highly recommend hiring this company for anything to do with improving your business image, or getting results from online ads.

Craig Smallwood
Craig Smallwood

I hired Cyrus to photograph my Airbnb and the photos turned out great with a really fast turnaround. Highly recommend, they understood angles and my place seems to be renting out far more than before

Alison Davidson
Alison Davidson

Andrew was very friendly and made it easy to relax and record the content. His editing and resulting video was high quality and delivered in super speedy time! Thanks Andrew 🙂

Alex Cassell
Alex Cassell

Recently done business with Cyrus Media. Andrew has been an integral part of our team with our recent campaign. Fast turn around and phenomenal quality, second to none. I’ll be contacting for more work to be done in near future!

Jay Nera
Jay Nera

After having done multiple video productions with them now I can say that they are consistently very professional, informative, flexible, and patient. They are easy and enjoyable to work with. Not only did they truly listen and seek to understand my goals and ideas, but they also provided me with very intelligent and helpful insights which definitely added value to the end product. Their high production quality is top tier. They have very fast turnaround times. Worth ever penny and will continue to hire for all future products.

nicolas belorgey
nicolas belorgey

Andrew and his team were amazing!
Andrew’s fresh perspective resulted in stunning pictures that really highlighted the food with so much depth! Also by far the smoothest food photography session I have experienced, thanks to Cyrus Media responsiveness, adaptability and patience!
Can’t wait to work with you guy again!

Sonic Sensei
Sonic Sensei

Andrew and his Team were so professional. Their innovative approach was really refreshing. They absolutely hit it out of the park for our team. We recommend Cyrus if you want to make a difference in your marketing and media presence.
Jamie Sabourin
Sales Representative
Queenswood National Real Estate Ltd

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