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- 2000 -
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In Photo: Andrew & his wife Alexis

My name’s Andrew. This all started with a simple idea and my cell phone. Fed up with how advertisements spoke to us like complete fools, I saw an opportunity to do things differently and couldn’t imagine the results…

Phone: LG G4

My first client was a quaint little shop in Ottawa’s Byward Market called the “teastore.” I loved the concept, layout and staff.

The pitch was a modest budget of $200/month plus $50 for Facebook & Instagram ads. I was an electrician before trying this and had no diploma for marketing. Until getting my hands dirty, I was going to have to charge less.

Well, I pitched the idea. The owner was game.

Every 30-days he’d get 1 Photoshoot (with my phone), 8 posts and social media campaign management. We crafted an ad showcasing their blueberry tea, alongside a few others, and launched it into the social media world.

@teastore (IG) Jan 13 2017
Rooibos Tea Product Photography (shot on LG G4)

As I sat in that tea shop nervously awaiting the results, I couldn’t have imagined what would happen next. A lady walked in, phone in hand, pointing to the ad they had just seen online. They never heard of teastore and wanted to try the blueberry tea…

I was floored. The owner got a new customer after $1.70 in ad spend. That was the spark that ignited this journey.

I slowly scaled and always focused on creating more value for my clients; adding new services, techniques and higher quality content.

My idea of good marketing was to make more money for the client than they invested. You’d think that’s common practice, but since starting this company, I’ve had conversations with both marketing execs and fresh graduates who don’t understand this basic concept.

Before we move on, here’s a few more pics from my phone before upgrading to a professional camera. It’s a subtle reminder that it’s not the gear but the eyes behind it.


Meet my lovely wife Alexis – scriptwriter, set PA and our office manager.

Alexis McGuire

She’s also a pro at managing Facebook and Google PPC ad accounts. I couldn’t handle our current workload without her help and she makes this boat run smoothly. Oh, she is also a published author.

Now I want to introduce you to Kevin. He’s a gearhead + VFX extraordinaire and we’ve been friends since grade 1.

Kevin Forget

Kev’s always had a keen interest in film and tech, so when he saw what I was up to, naturally he wanted in.

He’s responsible for the digital effects and green screen work you see in this ad we filmed for Pierre Poilievre:

Play Video

Here’s the newest addition to our team… Alex.

Alex Airth

Alex has worked on popular films, TV shows and documentaries. His skill-set will help your videos look like a Hollywood production. He’s a super bright dude who is also taking a keen interest to learn the marketing side of this business. Here is a link to his IMDb page.

- 2017 -

Fast forward to today – we’ve done some insanely lucrative social media campaigns, magazine publications, plus worked with some of Canada’s biggest politicians & businesses. I’d say it’s a dream come true but honestly never saw this coming.

Our mission remains unchanged – to deliver exceptional results and drive massive profits for our clients.

As I glance back at that teashop where it all began, I’m filled with gratitude for the journey we’ve embarked upon. While the road ahead may be uncertain, one thing is for sure – we’re just getting started.

Get in touch today and let’s elevate your brand to the next level.

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