Transform Your Restaurant's Social Media Marketing Into A Customer Generating Machine.

If you're a restaurant owner who believes your social media isn't getting the best ROI then this is a must-read.

Image: A vibrant scene showcasing a reserved table at a restaurant. Our restaurant advertising service helps you attract more customers and enhance your dining experience. Visit for more information

My name’s Andrew – the owner of Cyrus Media – and I’ve been running ads since 2017.

I’m looking for 10 restaurants to try my new results-guaranteed advertising program for 30-days.

Yup, you won’t pay me a dime unless you see more customers – no questions asked.

You’re probably thinking, “I’ve heard this sales tactic before”.

On the contrary, keep reading and you’ll see that I’m giving you my secret sauce.

I can only help so many clients each year and this offer won’t be around long. So take notes & steal these techniques for your restaurant advertising because they have generated fortunes for my clients.

Why Restaurants?

I’ve worked with massive businesses, politicians, realtors, but I’m most passionate about food. The results that restaurants can get on social media are unreal, granted that your food is unreal too.

Unreal doesn’t mean fancy, it just means good tasting grub.

Picture juicy smash burgers made with local beef and fresh cut fries. Mmmm. Sorry vegans.

Unfortunately, if you sell flavorless frozen food devoid of character then not only does it make advertising ineffective, but it could even have detrimental effects.

First, let’s dispel the biggest misconception in advertising today:

“People won’t read a long advertisement.”

THE TRUTH: Think of it – when you’re buying something, let’s say a new POS or security system, don’t you want the nitty-gritty before making a decision?

The same goes for people thinking about dining at your restaurant.

Picture this – You’re scrolling through social media and stumble upon my ad:

Image: Our advertisement for restaurants, displaying high engagement with numerous likes, shares, and comments. Elevate your restaurant's visibility and engagement with our advertising services. Visit for more information.

Instead of leaving you guessing, all the juicy details are provided right then and there.

Wondering how much it usually costs? Where the food is sourced? Are the portions hearty? Does that new dish pack a spicy punch? Curious about parking, or how to snag a reservation?

Your potential customers have a TON of questions and they’re hungry for answers.

Your ad copy should address all of these questions and more, ensuring your potential customers feel confident and informed before they even set foot in your door. That’s essentially restaurant marketing 101.

While chatting with a client, I learned that his recipe for homefries originated from his grandmother (Mama Dina) in Greece. He didn’t think much of this information, but I instantly knew it was going to be the highlight of our ad. As they say, it’s harder to see the picture when you’re in the frame.

People will DEVOUR advertising if it speaks to their interests.

Ever chat with a car guy? They’ll go on forever about overhead cam shafts, limited-slip diff’s, or the SRT HEMI sporting a 6.4-liter V8.

Forget the fluff like cute slogans or hashtags. What you need is a sales message that packs a punch, grabbing your customer by the lapels and compelling them to buy. So stop muzzling yourself. The more you tell the more you sell.

Understanding this will put you ahead of 99% of other restaurants (or most businesses for that matter).

That Fish & Chips ad above was a lengthy one—four paragraphs—but remarkably, people would read every word. How do I know? Simple: you compare the number of ad views with the amount of clicks on the link placed at the end.

MORE IMPORTANTLY people would pick up the phone and order. No guesswork needed.

A bustling scene capturing a long line of takeout bags, a testament to the surge in orders from satisfied customers. Amplify your restaurant's reach and cater to growing demand with our advertising solutions. Visit for more information.

This ad ran successfully for 6-months straight, which leads me to the second biggest misconception:


Often, people make the mistake of halting an ad prematurely.

Years down the line, some of my ads are still pulling in big profits for my clients.

Why Facebook & Instagram Ads?

They easily offer the best value when it comes to cost per view, especially compared to Google Ads.

Sure, Google Ads are fantastic for those with bigger budgets, but if you’re all about maximizing your restaurant advertising with minimal spend, Facebook and Instagram ads will be your secret weapon.

With practically anyone potentially being your customer and the undeniable truth that people eat with their eyes first, imagine the power of showcasing your mouthwatering dishes in stunning detail. Plus, the ability to craft endless ad copy?

It’s a game-changer.


Before meeting me, many of my clients entrusted their social media to well-meaning but misguided hands – servers, staff, or even family members. Sure, they know how to use social media, but the ability to get more customers eludes them.

Fear not, because I’m here to rescue you from the land of wasted time & ad dollars.

Here’s what a few of my clients in the food/bev industry experienced:

"We have had a large increase in new customers to our restaurant since we hired Andrew. His photos and videos are top notch and always get so many shares and likes. We are now continually having customers coming in and telling us they are here from the work they are doing."
Hear from our client who experienced a significant increase in new customers thanks to our social media marketing expertise.
Shelley Stinson
"Andrew and his team were amazing! Their fresh perspective resulted in stunning pictures that really highlighted the food with so much depth! Also, by far the smoothest food photography session I have experienced"
Hear from our client who was thrilled with our fresh perspective and stunning food photography.
Nicolas Belorgey
"Excellent service, very professional and wonderful to deal with!!!! Would definitely recommend"
Charlotte Flemming

I don’t expect you to believe words on a page. My clients are more than happy to share their phone number and experience with people like yourself.

How Does It Work?

First, we have to determine if your ads will be effective with a simple 3 step approval process:

1. Does your restaurant have a 4-star rating or higher?

2. Do you have good pictures of your food?
*if not this can be easily fixed

3. Is your Google business listing up-to-date and accurate?

If you answered yes to all three then we’re off to a great start.

Once I’m confident you’ll see great results with your restaurant advertising, and we aren’t currently running ads for eateries that serve similar food items in your area, we’ll start right away.

First, I’ll send you an invoice for the price of our services ($1,750/month) with NET 30 terms. This invoice will be for your 2nd month of advertising. If you’re not blown away in the first month then you can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Yeah, my pricing is a little higher than most agencies… and that’s because my ads work.

After I learn about your restaurant, menu and history, I’ll begin writing your ad. Once it’s ready (usually 3-5 days), we’ll launch it into the digital realm.

THE ADS ARE NOT FREE This is a financial & time investment for both of us. The minimum monthly ad budget we recommend to any client is $500/month. This amount is billed directly from Facebook (aka META) and will ensure your ads are seen by approximately 40,000 to 120,000 people in your area within the first month.

If you’ve never invested $500 into a Facebook or Instagram ad then this could be a revolutionary turning point for your restaurant.

THE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: As I mentioned, you won’t be charged a dime for my services if you’re not happy with the results. It’s that simple. I can offer this guarantee because of my approval process and proven formulas that consistently deliver customers. But hey, even if you’re just starting out and can’t afford to hire an agency like mine, feel free to give me a shout anyway. Teaching is learning, and I’m all for helping others.

P.S if you need photography and I’m not available for a shoot, or it’s simply not in your budget to have me come down then don’t worry – I’ll leverage my network and negotiate with photographers in your area. I’m fluent in their language and can help secure the best deal & quality for you.

radiating joy and satisfaction after a successful day at your restaurant. Let us help you capture more of these moments by maximizing your restaurant's exposure through our advertising services. Visit for more information.

A big thanks goes to John Carleton, one of the most renown direct response marketers whose expertise paved the way for results-driven agencies like this one. Your assistance has been an invaluable asset to both myself and my clients. Thank you