The $100,000 Burger: How I Faced Backlash For Questioning Lockdowns

Unvaccinated Man (me) Denied Entry To Restaurants For Not Taking Experimental Injections

Standing Firm Amidst Critique

There was a knock at my door. I opened it to find a Police officer holding a court summons. I’m getting charged for breaking the Ontario “stay-at-home-order”. Who knew eating a burger would lead to this:

I won’t go into detail about the case just yet – not because I’m being silenced – but this is still an on-going battle in the courts.

When it comes to our freedoms in Canada, everything is on the line. This story sounds like it was pulled straight from “1984″. All you need to know is that I was charged for eating a burger… plus, the fines and prison sentences are no joke:

Don't Go Outside - Eat McDonalds, Stay Home & Shut-Up.
Translation: "If you attempt to earn a living then we will take it away, plus charge you for even trying. Wal Mart is exempt though."

Politicians vs. The People

Who would have thought you could be charged for trying to earn a living in Canada?

This may anger some of you, but by the end, I aim to shift your frustration toward the government and health bureaucrats. They’re the ones who closed your businesses and invented ridiculous mandates with NO scientific evidence to back them up.

During the start of the “pandemic” I was afraid like everyone else. The news said if I visited my mother who has immune issues, I would kill her. Who wouldn’t be afraid of that? Two months had gone by and I ended up meeting some health professionals that would shift my perspective.

These Doctors I met were raising valid concerns, but they were being silenced. I filmed them discussing these topics, but the videos would get scrubbed from all social media channels before you even had a chance to see them. As I write this, individuals such as Dr. Patrick Phillips, Dr. Neda Amani, and Immunologist Byram Bridle continue to fight for the truth.

Questioning the official narrative was met with swift censorship. I just re-posted one of these interviews for this article:

Two Major Covid Vaccines Have Already Been Pulled From The Market (AstraZeneca and J&J). Were They Really "Safe & Effective"?
My Page Was Banned For This Post. How Can You Make An "Informed Choice" Without Information.

Why would all of these health professionals risk their medical license to spread conspiracy theories with no gain for themselves?

Rules For Ye And Not For Me

The double standards were out of this world.

An obvious one was the forced masking of children when they had least risk of getting sick. People on TV, sports stars, or politicians could get away with not wearing masks (unless they were holding a press conference to scare people) but when the cameras went off, so did their masks. I saw this first hand.

The government shut down all of my clients small businesses in the name of this public health emergency. Which would be fine – if there actually was an emergency. How does it make sense that Wal Mart gets to stay open, but small Mom and Pop businesses had to shut their doors? Wouldn’t it be safer if everyone was spread out, instead of all gathering at ONE place?

Corporations made record breaking profits while we all went bust.

Jason Kenney (a premier in Canada) shut down all restaurants in Calgary and then was caught privately dining with his buddies. They got away with a simple apology… NO fines or jail time for them.

Pretty ridiculous, right? Hold on to your hats because the following examples are even more infuriating:

There’s too many of these instances to list. You know when they start attacking the church something is VERY wrong.

Politicians could break their own rules and get away with an apology, but Pastors were fined and thrown in prison?

After building my business for 6-years, I was forced to start again from scratch – many of you experienced this too – just like my friend Chris Scott from the Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror, Alberta. I filmed this interview after he was arrested for opening his cafe and trying to earn a living. The government shut down his business and literally chained the doors shut:

The general population was brainwashed to believe that people like us are the enemy. Trust me, we’re not your enemy.

The media, politicians and highly paid health bureaucrats like “Dr. Fauci” deliberately lied to people about masking, distancing and the risks associated for our children. They turned families against one another and struck unnecessary fear in peoples hearts.

The Final Straw

At that point, the only client I had left was Pierre Poilievre. We filmed a couple commercials & did the odd photography job. It certainly wasn’t enough work to keep us afloat. People always ask me “What do you think of Pierre Poilievre?”

Well, I can honestly say that he would listen to all of my concerns about the vaccination, masking and lockdowns. He didn’t judge me because he knew my information was coming from highly regarded health professionals who were being silenced. The information I shared was valid, and that didn’t stop him from wanting to work with me.

Someone else in the government (I won’t mention their name) asked Pierre for my contact information to do some video work. The “video work” was to help make a commercial about promoting masks. Well, here was my reply:

True Story - I had someone physically assult me for not wearing a mask. The cops were called, but I decided to forgive the person and not ruin their life with an assult charge. I was tired of dealing with the court system. That's just scratching the surface on the type of abuse I received.

I immediately called Pierre and said, “The person you referred me to wanted a commercial promoting mask wearing and I told him absolutely not. Please don’t refer me to anyone else in the government.”

His response was, “I totally understand – but do you mind if I still work with you?” I chuckled slightly.

Pierre is a cool guy who never did me wrong. I ended up doing a few more photoshoots and videos with him. The very last video I filmed for Pierre was his announcement to run for Prime Minister. He asked me to work with him full-time but I turned it down.

Professional Photography, Film Production & Social Media Advertising Services in Ottawa

Pierre was now representing the entire conservative party and I was required to sign a hefty NDA.

The document essentially said I would not be able to share any of my political opinions online. That wasn’t going to happen. I’ve never signed an NDA in my life and wasn’t about to start, especially with the government. My take on NDAs is simple: if there’s no trust, there’s no agreement.

Saying that, it wasn’t Pierre asking me to sign the documents, it was the conservative party. I COMPLETELY understand why the party would want their media guy to sign an NDA. It was not an unreasonable request, but that’s not the road I wanted to go down. If he ever reached out for assistance in the future, I’d gladly lend a hand, but I made it clear that I won’t ever sign an NDA.

It was time for a break. I took my marketing skills, passion for cooking and decided to buy a food cart with my wife.

We called it Rosebella’s and made homemade pasta, meatball sandwiches & fresh iced coffee.

On Our Way From Ontario to B.C To Buy The Food Cart

We ran this for the summer and then somebody offered to buy the food cart. I decided to sell it for a significant profit and get back to re-building my media agency.

Moving Forward But Staying Vigilant

That brings us to where we are today – doing photoshoots, filming video productions and writing ads for businesses. During that crazy time I connected with many other business owners who had similar experiences. The trucker convoy in Ottawa was full of these people like myself, but I’ll share more about that on another day. You wouldn’t believe what people have lost in the past 4 years. I’m not a very emotional dude but some of these stories made me cry.

I personally thank Jesus Christ for bringing us through such a difficult time. Although I lost everything, my wife and I never went hungry and we always had a roof over our heads. What more could you ask for?

Dr. Neda Amani (pictured above) was a God send. She ran a family practice in Ottawa, Ontario and is the reason I had the opportunity to meet with all of these other health professionals. Without her, I don’t know where I’d be today. Because she fought for truth, she lost her practice and is now under investigation by the collage of physicians. I pray she gets the recognition and justice she deserves.

It’s outrageous how many people are experiencing terrible side effects from these so-called “vaccines” but they’re being swept under the rug. The luckier ones have been maimed, while many others have passed away due to this medical malpractice.

If you excluded and shunned unvaccinated family members or friends then the time to apologize is right now. You are only hurting yourself by holding onto these grudges. Moving forward – I hope we can all have a little more compassion toward one another. God Bless


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